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Site Map & Master Table of Contents



Not included yet:

  • Heraclius (Embassy Duty Officer), and Sappho (In-City Defense (Main Wall)) introduced for the 2023 Independence Day Event starting on 06-23-2023.

  • Narses (Sub-City Battle General (Mayor)) introduced for the 2023 Amazing Arena Event starting on 07-21-2023.

  • Justinian I (Military Academy Duty Officer) introduced for the 2023 Carnival Week Event starting on 08-18-2023.

  • Trivia Hecate (Holy Palace Duty Officer) introduced for the 2023 Autumn Ceremony Event starting on 09-15-2023.

  • Zizka (Sub-City Battle General (Mayor)) introduced for the 2023 Wine Festival Event starting on 09-29-2023.

  • Maria Theresa (Mounted PvM), and Stephen the Great (Research Factory Duty Officer), introduced for the 2023 Halloween Event starting on 10-27-2023.

  • Michael VIII (Market Duty Officer) introduced for the 2023 St. Martin's Day Celebration Event starting on 11-10-2023.

  • Clovis I (Bunker Duty Officer) introduced for the 2023 Christmas Event starting on 12-15-2023.

  • Pachacuti (Sub-City Battle General (Mayor)) and Idunn (Ranged Reinforcing PvP) introduced for the 2024 Viking Festival Event starting on 01-12-2024.

  • Guinevere (Warehouse Duty Officer) introduced for the 2024 Romantic Spring Festival Event starting on 02-08-2024. Additionally, King Arthur's (Mounted PvP) "Base / Built-In" Skill was revised during this Event.



Introduction & Support Articles

The list of eleven (11) Army General Categories below is roughly in order of importance, based on a defensively focused keep.

Most people would probably tell you to move Ranged Generals to the top (for better Offense) and move In-City Defense (Main Wall) Generals & Subordinate City PvP Generals (Mayors) down a notch. Or possibly, to switch Ranged Generals and In-City Defense (Main Wall) Generals.

Part 1 - In-City Defense (Main Wall) PvP Generals

Part 2 - Subordinate City PvP Generals

Part 3 - Ranged PvP Generals

Part 4 - Mounted PvP Generals

Part 5 - Mounted PvM [Pushing] Generals

Part 6 - Ground PvP Generals

Part 7 - Mounted PvM [Treasure] Generals

Part 8 - Resource Gathering Generals

Part 9 - Duty Officer Generals

Part 10 - Siege PvP Generals

Part 11 - Peace-Time PvP Generals




If you have any comments, requests, or questions, please let me know in the comments section below.

Also, directing my attention to any mistakes is especially appreciated.

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