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Part 3/10 - Ground PvP Equipment with Antonine, Furinkazan & Freedom Hero Sets

Updated: 6 days ago




The Antonine Set still needs verification, but it appears that the Antonine Set or Mixed Civilization Set are going to be the best option for most players and most of the time.

Below is a comparison of the seven (7) best options for Ground PvP Gear:



The Mixed Civilization Set is probably going to be the most powerful option offensive available for Ground PvP Gear. However, the downside of making this switch is that there is less Enemy Debuff.

Most high-level players want their Ground PvP March to be the most powerful of their PvP Attack Marches.

Honestly, I'm not sure if this set is better than the full Han Dynasty Set or not. It has more offensive fire-power, but losses some Enemy Debuff to get there. I don't think it's a set-up I would play 100% of the time, but it's probably worth trying it out to see how it goes.

Format: Gear Attribute Amount (at 5 Stars) Score

Mixed Civilization Set (Ground PvP)

Weapon Antonine Pilum (Estimated)

Ground Attack Increase 45% 75

Mounted Attack Increase 45% 9

Ground Defense Increase 40% 26

Mounted Defense Increase 35% 11

Reduce Enemy Mounted Attack 25% 41

(Refined) Ground Attack Increase 100% 166

Sub-Total 325

Helmet Antonine Helmet (Estimated)

Ground Attack Increase 35% 58

Ground Defense Increase 35% 23

Mounted Defense Increase 35% 11

Reduce Enemy Mounted Defense 35% 46

Reduce Enemy Ground Defense 35% 7

Reduce Enemy Ground Attack 25% 3

(Refined) Ground HP Increase 100% 66

Sub-Total 214

Armor Antonine Armor (Estimated)

Ground HP Increase 40% 26

Mounted HP Increase 40% 13

Mounted Defense Increase 35% 11

Reduce Enemy Mounted HP 30% 40

Reduce Enemy Mounted HP 25% 33

Reduce Enemy Ground HP 25% 5