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Part 6F - Ground Reinforcing PvP Army General Combinations

Updated: May 22


  • Introduction

  • Ground "Base / Built-In" Skill Conflict Groups 

  • Attribute Methodology 

    • Ground Attacking Assistant PvP Rankings, Attribute Methodology (List Format)

      • Attacking Assistant Rankings @ 4-Yellow Specialties

      • Attacking Assistant Rankings @ 3-Orange Specialties

      • Attacking Assistant Rankings @ 3-Purple Specialties

    • Ground Reinforcing Assistant PvP Rankings, Attribute Methodology (List Format)

      • Reinforcing Assistant Rankings @ 4-Yellow Specialties

      • Reinforcing Assistant Rankings @ 3-Orange Specialties 

      • Reinforcing Assistant Rankings @ 3-Purple Specialties 

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  • Introduction

  • Formatting & Scoring Methodology

  • Skill Book Restrictions

  • Ground Attacking PvP Rankings

    • Ground Attacking Lead PvP Generals

    • Ground Attacking Assistant PvP Generals

    • Ground Attacking PvP Combinations

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Because Freyja is more than 35% stronger than the 2nd place Army General, it causes problems with grading this category. So, letter grades for the Lead and Assistant Rankings have been based on the next best option, Sweyn Forkbeard.  Letter grades for the Combination Rankings have been based on the best combination that does NOT include Freyja, which is Sweyn Forkbeard and Frigg.

The Single and Double Dragon Combinations have been combined into one (1) list mostly because it's simpler and easier, but also because the way the game is set-up currently, the Double Dragon Pairs do NOT score higher than the Single Dragon Pairs.

High-end Players should be using separate Attacking and Reinforcing Marches for all four (4) troop types.  If that's not possible, using a strong Reinforcing pair for Attacking is going to be the next best option and better than using either a strong Attacking pair for Reinforcing or using a mixed pair for both Attacking and Reinforcing.

Reinforcing Pair

Sweyn Forkbeard / Frigg

  • Attacking - A- (91.2% - 1339)

  • Reinforcing - A+ (100.0% - 1338)

Attacking Pair

Lu Xun / Suchet

  • Attacking - A+ (99.3% - 1458)

  • Reinforcing - D+ (60.2% - 752)

Mixed Att/Ref Pair

Lu Xun / Frigg

  • Attacking - A+ (97.3% - 1430)

  • Reinforcing - B (79.8% - 1068)

Mixed Ref/Att Pair

Frigg / Suchet

  • Attacking - A (94.3% - 1386)

  • Reinforcing - B- (79.2% - 1060)

A "High-end Player" is likely to be:

  • In an Alliance that is participating in Major League Battle of Challons (BoCH) and Group 1 in Battle Gaugamela (BoG) and Battle of Constantinople (BoC).

  • A March Setter or March Joiner in the hive

  • 8B+ Power

  • VIP 18 or higher




35. Sweyn Forkbeard (983) / Frigg (355) - Grade: A+ (100.0% - 1338)

35. Lead Name (Lead Score) / Assistant Name (Assistant Score) - Grade: Letter Grade (Letter Grade Percentage - Total Score)

Scoring Methodology

  • The Reinforcing Lead Score includes the Four (4) Skill Book Score.

  • The Reinforcing Assistant Score includes a Skill Book Penalty for preventing the pair from using a certain Skill Book. In rare instances, when two (2) Generals with the same Penalty (from the same BSC Group) are matched up, that Skill Book Penalty needs to be removed.

If that were written out in a formula, it would be:

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