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Part 12/12 - Subordinate City General (Mayor) Rankings [Peace-Time]

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Army General Analysis - PART 12, reviewing Subordinate City Generals (Mayors) [Peace-Time].

Peace-Time Subordinate City Generals (Mayors) can focus three (3) areas:

  1. Construction

  2. Troop Training

  3. Gold Production

There are Twelve (12) Peace-Time Subordinate City Generals (Mayors), eight (8) are Gold quality and four (4) are Purple quality. All twelve (12) Peace-Time Subordinate City Generals (Mayors) have been ranked in each of the three (3) categories, plus there’s an Overall Ranking at the beginning.

All twelve (12) of these generals are currently available in the Tavern, so they are relatively easy to acquire (at K27 or above).


Specialty Level for Rankings:

Instead of the typical 4-Yellow Specialty Score used for the primary six (6) army generals, the generals in this category have been ranked by the 3-Orange Specialty Score because very few people will play the game long enough or spend enough money to get this category of army generals to 4-Yellow specialties. See the Developing Army General Specialties in this article for more information.

Other Rankings:

  • 3-Purple Specialty Rankings are listed 2nd and directly below the 3-Orange Specialty Rankings.

  • If you have the resources available, the Ascending Enhancement with 4-Yellow Specialties Ranking are listed 3rd and directly below the 3-Purple Specialty Rankings.

  • Finally, the 4-Yellow Specialties Ranking are listed last and are directly below the Ascending Enhancement Rankings.

The primary six (6) army generals are:

  1. Ranged General Rankings [Primary PvP]

  2. In-City Defense (Main Wall) General Rankings [PvP]

  3. Mounted Generals - Monster Killing for Pushing Rankings [PvM]

  4. Ground General Rankings [PvP]

  5. Siege General Rankings [PvP]

  6. Mounted General Rankings [PvP]


Ranking format:

Ranking # - General Name – Letter Grade with (Percent & Total Score) in parentheses – Description

  1. Specialist:

  2. Strongest Buffs:

  3. Dragon:

  4. Acquisition:

  5. Culture:

  6. Introduced:

  7. Recommended Specialty Level: This is an important consideration for this army general category.



Peace-Time Subordinate City Generals (Mayors) – OVERALL (at 3-Orange Specialties Level):

1. Pompey – Grade: A+ (100.0% - 398) – Formerly known as Caesar, he was renamed to Pompey in April, 2021. He starts out strong in Gold Production, and ends up at the high end of the pack in all three (3) categories. Additionally, his Leadership and Politics scores are both very strong, which further adds to his strong score.

  1. Specialist: Subordinate City Peace-Time General (Mayor)

  2. Strongest Buffs:

  3. Subordinate City Construction Speed Increase: +22% (+67% w/ Skill Book)

  4. Subordinate City Training Speed Increase: +0% (+25% w/ Skill Book)

  5. Subordinate City Total Training Capacity Increase: +0% (+45% w/ Skill Book)