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Part 2/12 - Subordinate City Battle General (Mayor) Rankings [PvP]

Updated: Dec 12, 2022



Army General Analysis PART 2, reviewing Sub-City Battle Generals (Mayors) for PvP (Battlefields, KE, SVS or Purge). This will be one of the longer articles, so hang in there...

There are DIFFERENT Sub-City Generals (Mayors) for PEACE-TIME that are covered in Part 12.

The mechanics of subordinate city generals in battle are such that any offensive buffs to your attacking troops only apply to those troops within that particular Subordinate City. Since that’s only a few thousand troops, and they are usually lower level than your main troops, it’s usually not worth putting any offensively focused generals on your Subordinate Cities. Another thing about Subordinate City troops is that they tend to die first. So, between Battlefields, KE, SVS, and Purge, I’m always building them up from a very low number… I seem to keep an average of 2,000-3,000 troops in each subordinate city.

However, the things that work really works well for Subordinate City Battle [PvP] Generals are ENEMY DEBUFFS to enemy attacks or toughness (HP and/or Defense). Those debuff bonuses apply to the ENTIRE ENEMY ARMY.

Personally, I think overall debuff ranking on the 1st list in each section is the way to go, but if you’d prefer to focus on attack debuffs, those rankings are on the 2nd list in each section. Toughness debuff rankings can be found on the 3rd list in each section.



Debuffing Ranged Attacks

If you’re like most people, and are heavy on Mounted Troops, AND you’d like to focus on debuffing RANGED ATTACKS, then take a closer look at:

  1. Mark Antony (+35%)

  2. Nordic Barbarian King (+30%)

  3. Baldwin IV (+30%)

  4. Cnut the Great (+25%)

  5. Andrew Jackson (+20%)

  6. Maximilian I (+20%)

  7. Amr ibn al-As (+15%)

  8. Arminius (+15%)

Many people do this, but like I stated above, I’m not one of them.

Debuffing Ground Attacks

Ground Attacks are the most difficult attacks to debuff with standard Achaemenidae Gear on all Subordinate City Battle Generals (Mayors), so the selection of Subordinate City Battle Generals (Mayors) is the best way to Debuff Ground Attacks.

For debuffing GROUND ATTACKS take a closer look at:

  1. Yeon Gaesomun (+40%)

  2. Darius I (+35%)

  3. Amr ibn al-As (+25%)

  4. Constantine the Great (+20%)

  5. Honda Tadakatsu (+15%)

  6. Wei Qing (+15%)



Specialty Level for Featured Rankings:

Instead of the typical 4-Yellow Specialty Score used for the primary six (6) army generals, the generals in this category have been ranked by the 3-Orange Specialty Score because very few people will play the game long enough or spend enough money to get this category of Army Generals to 4-Yellow Specialties. See the Developing Army General Specialties in this article for more information.

The primary six (6) army generals are:

  1. Ranged General Rankings [Primary PvP]