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Part 11/12 - In-City Defense (Main Wall) Peace-Time Generals

Updated: Apr 8




Peace-Time In-City Defense (Main Wall) General

1. Shajar al-Durr – The only Army General of this type, she increases Resource Production Speed by 100% when posted as the In-City Defense (Main Wall) Lead of Assistant General. I recommend using her as the Assistant and keeping your Lead In-City Defense (Main Wall ) General the same ALL THE TIME. She's available from the Great General’s Chest (GGC), so she’s challenging to acquire. But, everyone should reserve a slot for her in their final Army General line-up.



For Skill Books... see PART 1 set her up as a Ground Troop (Anti-Ranged) Based In-City Defense (Main Wall) General, since there are no Skill Books that will help her increase Resource production.



Peace-Time In-City Defense (Main Wall) General

1. Richard the Lionheart – The only general of this type, he increases hospital capacity by a large amount (+30% to start and +76% when maxed out) when posted as the In-City Defense (Main Wall) General. However, you need to take off a better general (during Battle or Peace-Time) to put him there. So, I would NOT recommend reserving a slot for him in your final general line-up.

Better overall options that include some (but, not nearly as much) hospital increasing capacity would be Zachary Taylor (+10% when maxed out), Ly Thuong Kiet (+16% when maxed out), and James Bowie (+16% when maxed out).

It is going to be better to use RESEARCH to expand hospital capacity and SKIP Richard the Lionheart completely.


Please let me know if I missed any good Peace-Time In-City Defense (Main Wall) Generals or if you have an unlisted general you would like run through the algorithm to get a grade/score.

If you have any comments, requests, or questions, please let me know in the comments section below. Also, directing my attention to any mistakes is especially appreciated.



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