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Part 2/10 - Siege PvP Equipment with Heian, Augustus, Freedom Hero & Abbas Sets

Updated: 6 days ago




The new Heian Set makes the Freedom Hero Set look like a useless piece of garbage.

Siege PvP Attack Marches are very effective against players who are NOT playing at an all-star level. Most All-Star Caliber opponents probably have most, if not all of their Subordinate City Battle General's (Mayor's) Gear set-up with a full Achaemenidae Debuff Set. The full Achaemenidae Debuff Set has massive Siege Attack Debuffs (x 9 Subordinate City Army Generals (Mayors)).

However, with the release of the Heian Set and adding some stronger Siege Generals in the 2nd half of 2022, it seems like the game designers are attempting to strengthen Siege Marches. If this trend continues, Siege Marches may be able to overcome the very large Siege Attack Debuffs provided by the standard Debuff Gear.

Although there were several new options for Siege PvP Equipment released in the 2nd half of 2022, right now it seems like there's really only one (1) logical choice (the reasoning on that has been included below at the top of each set section):

The Heian Set became fully available as of the 2022 Legend of Kong Event which started on 12-31-2022.

The Augustus Set became fully available with the 2022 Wine Festival Event which started on 10-07-2022.

The Freedom Hero Set was made fully available as of the 2021 Christmas Event which started on 12-21-2021.

The Abbas Set became fully available with the 2022 Running of the Bulls Event which started on 07-15-2022.

Eight (8) options for Siege PvP Gear are compared below:


HEIAN SET v3.4.0a

The Heian Set appears to be about a 34% upgrade over the Freedom Hero Set. So, the Heian Set is going to be the best permanent option available for Siege PvP Gear (since it's specifically a Siege PvP Set, and doesn't have other uses).

Format: Gear Attribute Amount (at 5 Stars) Score

Heian Set (Siege PvP)

Weapon Heian Tachi

Siege Attack Increase 20% 100

Marching Siege Attack Increase 35% 50

Reduce Enemy Ground Defense 20% 33

Reduce Enemy Mounted Defense 20% 33

Reduce Enemy Ranged HP 30% 33

Reduce Enemy Siege HP 30% 16

(Refined) Siege Attack Increase 100% 166

Sub-Total 431

Helmet Heian Helmet

Siege Defense Increase 40% 26