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Part 10G - Siege PvP Supremacy Equipment with Heian, Abbas, Sasanian & Freedom Hero Sets




  • Introduction

  • Siege PvP Equipment, "CONQUEST" Level Options

    • 2AB Mixed "Conquest" Set (B-)

    • 2HN Mixed "Conquest" Set (C+): Recommended Attacking & All Around PvP

    • 2SA Mixed "Conquest" Set (C)

    • Mixed "Red Gear" Set (C-): Recommended Reinforcing PvP

    • Achaemenidae Set (C)

    • Ares Set (D+)



Siege PvP Equipment

Siege PvP Attack Marches are very effective against most mid-level players. Most high-level opponents probably have many of their Subordinate City Battle General's (Mayor's) Gear set-up with a full Achaemenidae Debuff Set. The full Achaemenidae Debuff Set has massive Siege Attack Debuffs (x 11 Subordinate City Army Generals (Mayors)).

However, with the release of the Heian Set and adding some stronger Siege Generals in the 2nd half of 2022, it seems like the Evony Game Designers are attempting to strengthen Siege Marches. If this trend continues, Siege Marches may be able to overcome the very large Siege Attack Debuffs provided by the standard Debuff Gear.

Although there were several new options for Siege PvP Equipment released in the 2nd half of 2022, right now it seems like there's really only one (1) logical choice, the full Heian Set.

It's recommended to keep the Abbas Set together and on a Subordinate City Army General (Mayor). It's recommended to keep the Sasanian Set available for Ranged PvP Army Generals because it will be used much more often.


For players using two (2) SEPARATE Attacking & Reinforcing Siege Marches:

  • Attacking Siege PvP

    • The full Heian Set appears to be the best option for Attacking Siege PvP Army Generals.

  • Reinforcing Siege PvP

    • The Mixed "Red Gear" Set appears to be the best option for Reinforcing Siege PvP Army Generals (see PART 2B).

For players using one (1) Siege March for BOTH Attacking & Reinforcing:

  • All Around Siege PvP

    • The full Heian Set appears to be the best option for All Around Siege PvP Army Generals.

If the trend towards stronger Siege Marches continues, and Siege Marches are able to overcome the massive Siege Attack Debuffs, then the above recommendations may change.

Don't have any high-end "Supremacy" Level Civilization Gear? Check out the Mixed "Conquest" Sets in PART 10H.

PLEASE NOTE: Work has begun on an alternate methodology (v4.0.2) for ranking Army General Equipment. Right now, those Summaries are shown in gray because the newer system has NOT been completely refined.

The newer system Siege PvP score weightings are as follows.

Attacking Siege PvP:

  • Offense - 60%

  • Toughness - 25%

  • Enemy Debilitation (Debuffs) - 15%

Reinforcing Siege PvP:

  • Offense - 59%

  • Toughness - 26%

  • Enemy Debilitation (Debuffs) - 15%



The eight (8) best options for "SUPREMACY" Level Siege PvP Gear are compared below.



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