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Part 9/12 - Specialized Duty Officer Rankings [PvP and/or Peace-Time]

Updated: Dec 14, 2022




Introduction for Specialized Duty Officers

Army Generals Analysis - PART 9, reviewing Specialized Duty Officers [for PvP and/or Peace-Time].

Ashoka, Stilicho, Mikhail Kutuzov, Sulla and Hammurabi have been recently introduced as Battle (PvP) Duty Officers. At some point, Battle [PvP] Duty Officers will probably have a separate category, but for now there are only five (5), so they are ranked together in one (1) list.

Additionally, the eight (8) new and improved Duty Officers (Ashoka, Otto the Great, Stilicho, Maurice of Nassau, Mikhail Kutuzov, Sulla, Hammurabi, and Zhang Liang) are NOT available from buying the 5th ($100) Event Packs. These new "upgraded" Duty Officers are only available through achieving the highest level of the King’s Party Bonus (which typically requires buying the 5th Event Packs, that requires spending $185 US in a day, for every day of the Special Event or about $2,100 US for each General), which is way beyond what 99.9% of people can afford to spend on a video game.

There are eighteen (18) buildings that allow Duty Officers. Eight (8) of these buildings have no specialized duty officers, so any general works just as well as any other for these eight (8) Duty Officer positions:

  1. Bunker [Level 20]

  2. Warehouse [Level 23]

  3. Market [Level 24]

  4. Embassy [Level 27]

  5. Forge [Level 30]

  6. Research Factory [Level 32]

  7. Holy Palace [Level 35]

  8. Military Academy [Level 1, K36 to open]

Out of the other ten (10) buildings: