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Part 1E - In-City Defense (Main Wall) PvP Army General Combinations, Attribute Methodology

Updated: Mar 19


  • Introduction

  • In-City Defense (Main Wall) "Base / Built-In" Skill Conflict Groups 

  • Attribute Methodology

    • In-City Defense (Main Wall) Assistant PvP Rankings (List Format)

      • In-City Defense (Main Wall) Assistant Rankings @ 4-Yellow Specialties

      • In-City Defense (Main Wall) Assistant Rankings @ 3-Orange Specialties

      • In-City Defense (Main Wall) Assistant Rankings @ 3-Purple Specialties

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Army General Analysis PART 1E, reviewing In-City Defense (Main Wall) PvP Army General Combinations Rankings (for Battlefield, KE, SvS and/or Purge).

Note:  There are DIFFERENT In-City Defense (Main Wall) Generals for PEACE-TIME that are covered in Part 11.

Takenaka Shigeharu is so much stronger than the other Army Generals in this category that it makes the rankings a bit wonky.

Hopefully the new formatting makes it easier to find and compare Army General Combinations. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

In-City Defense (Main Wall) Army General Troop Specialties

  • Anti-Ground (Mounted Focused) Lead Generals: Queen Boudica, Yi Sun-sin, and Jadwiga

  • Anti-Ranged (Ground Focused) Generals: Leonidas I, Lautaro, Oda Oichi, Robert the Bruce, James Bowie, and Shajar al-Durr.

  • Anti-Mounted (Ranged Focused) Generals: Yodo-dono, Zachary Taylor, George Dewey, Kusunoki Masashige, and Ly Thuong Kiet

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