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Part 6/10 - Monster Killing for Pushing (PvM) Equipment with Rurik, Bourbon & Han Dynasty Sets

Updated: 5 days ago




When pushing to kill the highest level Boss Monsters possible, the Rurik Set is going to be the best option available.

Below is a comparison of the six (6) best options for Monster Killing (PvM - Pushing) Gear:


RURIK SET v3.4.1

Rurik Set introduction:

  • The Axe and Bracers were made available with the 2022 Mother's Day Event which started on 05-06-2022.

  • The Armor and Helmet were made available with the 2022 Fire Festival Event which started on 05-20-2022.

  • The Leg Armor and Boots were made available with the 2022 Children's Day Event which started on 06-01-2022.

The Rurik Set is a great Mounted PvM Gear Set, but the lack of Double Drop Increase is a BIG BUMMER. Substituting the Courageous Dragon Ring is a big drop off from the Rurik Bracers. I'll need to find out if it seems worth substituting in the Special slot.

In my opinion, the six (6) piece Rurik Bonus should have also provided a 20-25% Increase Double Drop from Monsters. Otherwise, it looks like many people will take off the Rurik Helm and Bracers to add the Courageous Dragon Ring and a better Helm (of which, there are several).

Certainly, removing the Rurik Helm and Boots to add the Plantagenet Helm and Boots creates a stronger Mixed Set, but still doesn't solve the Double Drop problem.

Format: Gear Attribute Amount (at 5 Stars) Score

Rurik Set [Monster Killing (PvM - Pushing)]

Weapon Rurik Axe

Monster Mounted attack Increase 80% 133

Mounted Attack Increase 50% 83

Reduce Monster Attack 25% 8

Ground Attack Increase 30% 0

(Refined) Mounted Attack Increase 100% 166

Sub-Total 390

Helmet Rurik Helmet

Monster Mounted Defense Increase 80% 26

Monster All Troop HP Increase 30% 10

Mounted Defense Increase 25% 8

Ground Defense Increase 25% 0

Ground Attack Increase 20% 0

(Refined) Mounted HP Increase 100% 33

Sub-Total 77

Armor Rurik Armor

Monster Mounted HP Increase 80% 26