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Part 3E - Ranged Attacking PvP Army General Combinations, Attribute Methodology

Updated: Apr 16


  • Introduction

  • Ranged "Base / Built-In" Skill Conflict Groups

  • Attribute Methodology 

    • Ranged Attacking Assistant PvP Rankings, Attribute Methodology (List Format)

      • Attacking Assistant Rankings @ 4-Yellow Specialties

      • Attacking Assistant Rankings @ 3-Orange Specialties

      • Attacking Assistant Rankings @ 3-Purple Specialties

    • Ranged Reinforcing Assistant PvP Rankings, Attribute Methodology (List Format)

      • Reinforcing Assistant Rankings @ 4-Yellow Specialties

      • Reinforcing Assistant Rankings @ 3-Orange Specialties 

      • Reinforcing Assistant Rankings @ 3-Purple Specialties

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  • Introduction

  • Formatting & Scoring Methodology 

  • Skill Book Restrictions

  • Ranged Reinforcing PvP Rankings

    • Ranged Reinforcing Lead PvP General Rankings 

    • Ranged Reinforcing Assistant PvP General Rankings

    • Ranged Reinforcing PvP Combinations

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The Single and Double Dragon Combinations have been combined into one (1) list mostly because it's simpler and easier, but also because the way the game is set-up currently, the Double Dragon Pairs do NOT score higher than the Single Dragon Pairs.

New Combination Rankings Format:

  • Instead of a huge list of over 1,100 combinations, the combinations have been divided into sections by Lead General.

  • Each Lead General's section is divided into Compatible and Incompatible Combinations.

  • Lead Generals are listed in order of their highest combination's rank.




  1. Maarten Tromp [SvS] (1094) / Eleanor (342) - Grade: A+ (100.0% - 1436)

  1. Lead Name (Lead Score) / Assistant Name (Assistant Score) - Grade: Letter Grade (Letter Grade Percentage - Total Score)

Scoring Methodology

  • The Attacking Lead Score includes the Four (4) Skill Book Score.

  • The Attacking Assistant General Score includes a Skill Book Penalty for preventing the pair from using a certain Skill Book. In rare instances, when two (2) Generals with the same Penalty (from the same BSC Group) are matched up, that Skill Book Penalty needs to be removed.

If that were written out in a formula, it would be:


TAS = Total Attacking Score

ALS = Attacking Lead General Score

AAS = Attacking Assistant General Score

PEN = Assistant General Skill Book Penalty (if any)



Skill Book Restrictions for Ground PvP Combinations

  1. For combinations with Louis IX, Subutai, Henry V, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Harold III, Edward the Black Prince, Jumong, and Antara neither general can effectively use the Ranged Attack Increase Skill Book.

  2. To achieve full effectiveness, Louis IX and Edward III should be using the Ranged Defense Increase Skill Book.

  3. To achieve full effectiveness, Idunn, Elektra, Winfield Scott, and Vladimir the Great should be using the Ranged Attack Increase Skill Book. For combinations with two (2) of them, to achieve maximum effectiveness, the LEAD GENERAL should be using the Ranged Attack Increase Skill Book.

  4. To achieve full effectiveness, Li Shimin should be using both the Ranged Attack Increase Skill Book and the March Size Increase Skill Book.  However, he can only use the Level-4 March Size Increase Skill Book so, the March Size Increase Skill Book has been excluded from his combination’s scoring because of the difficulty in getting that Skill Book along with two (2) other Level-4 Skill Books.

  5. The following has not been fully tested, but it is thought that to achieve full effectiveness, Eleanor should be using the March Size Increase Skill Book. However, she may only be able to use the Level-4 March Size Increase Skill Book. Since she is very highly rated, it may be worth the time and effort to get the Level-4 March Size Increase Skill Book. Again, this is just a theory and has not been tested.



Ranged Attacking PvP Army General Rankings



Good options for free or light spending players will be Elektra, Tomyris, Alfred the Great, Winfield Scott, Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Gnarr.

Ranged Attacking Lead PvP General Rankings (at maximum [10-Star] Ascending Enhancements and 4-Yellow Specialties Level)

  1. Maarten Tromp [SvS] - Grade: A+ (100.0% - 1094)

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