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Part 5E - Mounted PvM [Pushing] Army General Combinations



Assistant General Concepts for Mounted PvM [Pushing]:

  • Mounted Power Lead / Mounted Power Assistant

    • Last Updated on 02-01-2023 with the v3.4.2 Ranking System.

  • Mounted Power Lead / Mounted Monster Debuff Assistant (may be added in the future).

  • Mounted Power Lead / Mounted Double Drop Assistant (may be added in the future).



It's going to be super difficult to get enough General Fragments to develop the Ascending Enhancements for Zhao Yun, George A. Custer, Aethelflaed, Mordred, Lysander, Caesar, and Gaius Octavius.

So, for free and light spending players, Martinus, Roland, Hannibal, Barbarossa, and/or Yue Fei are probably the best options.

Mounted PvM [Pushing] Lead Generals (at maximum Ascending Enhancements and 4-Yellow Specialties Level)

  1. Zhao Yun - Grade: A+ (100.0% - 540)

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