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Part 4H - Mounted PvP Conquest Equipment w/ Bourbon, Han Dynasty & Freedom Hero Gear


  • Introduction

  • Mounted PvP Equipment, "SUPREMACY" Level Options

    • 3BB/2PL/1FH Mixed "Supremacy" Set (A+): Recommended All-Around PvP

    • 2BB/2PL/1HD/1FH Mixed "Supremacy" Set (A+)

    • 2BB/2HD/2FH Mixed "Supremacy" Set (A-)

    • 2BB/2HD/2PL 1 Mixed "Supremacy" Set (A+): Recommended Attacking PvP

    • 2BB/2HD/2PL 2 Mixed "Supremacy" Set (A+)

    • 2BB/2HD/2RG Mixed "Supremacy" Set (B): Recommended Reinforcing PvP

    • Han Dynasty Set (B): Recommended Reinforcing PvP

    • Bourbon Set (A+): Recommended Attacking & All-Around PvP

    • Freedom Hero Set (C+/B-)

    • Plantagenet Set (B)

    • Furinkazan Set (C/C+)




Mounted PvP Equipment

Most dominant-level players want their Mounted PvP March to be a very effective Attacking PvP March, because most high-level players rely heavily on their Ground PvP March.


For players using two (2) SEPARATE Attacking & Reinforcing Mounted Marches:

  • Attacking Mounted PvP

    • The 2BB Mixed "Conquest" Set has the highest Attack Score and appears to be the best option for Attacking Mounted PvP Army Generals.

  • Reinforcing Mounted PvP

    • The 2HD Mixed "Conquest" Set appears to be the best option for separate Reinforcing Mounted PvP Army Generals.

For players using one (1) Mounted March for BOTH Attacking & Reinforcing:

  • All Around Mounted PvP

    • The 2BB Mixed "Conquest" Set appears to be the best option for All Around Mounted PvP Army Generals. This set is slightly stronger for Reinforcing Mounted PvP Army Generals.

Have all the high-end "Supremacy" Level Civilization Gear? Check out the Mixed "Supremacy" Sets in Part 4G.

PLEASE NOTE: The new Summary Methodologies are shown in gray, and the Summary Methodology Mounted PvP Score Weightings are as follows:

Attacking Mounted PvP:

  • Offense: 50%

  • Toughness: 40%

  • Enemy Debilitation (Debuffs): 10%

Reinforcing Mounted PvP:

  • Offense: 46%

  • Toughness: 43%

  • Enemy Debilitation (Debuffs): 11%



Six (6) of the best options for "Conquest" Level Mounted PvP Gear are compared below.



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