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Evony Answers, Series D, E & F: Lead / Assistant Army General Combinations

Updated: May 9




Assistant Generals were added with the 2022 Independence Day Event starting on 06-29-2022.

A couple rules of thumb for Assistant General Pairings:

  1. Assistant Generals that need to bring a Dragon to get full effect of the “Base / Built-In” Skill or Specialties are NOT generally going to make good Assistant Generals (unless you have a minimum of eight (8) Dragons). It's going to be much better to keep the Army Generals with Dragons as the Lead (Primary) Generals.

  2. If the either the Lead or Assistant General cannot use a specific Skill Book, putting that Skill Book on the other General will NOT help. The corresponding Skill or Skill Book will still be grayed out on the Assistant, and will NOT work.



Minimum Lead (Primary) Army General Requirements to bring an Assistant General

  1. Level 20 (Minimum)

  2. 3 Stars (Minimum)



Assistant Generals – What Works, What Doesn’t?

There are only three (3) items that work for Assistant Generals

  1. "Base / Built-In” Skill (if it’s not repeated on the Lead General’s "Base / Built-In” Skill or their three (3) Skill Books)

  2. Three (3) added Skill Books (if they are not repeated on the Lead General’s "Base / Built-In” Skill or three (3) Skill Books)

  3. Four (4) Specialties (Specialties are allowed to be repeated, but still count towards helping the Lead General)

So, if all eight (8) of the above items are "lit-up" on the Assistant General then it's a fully compatible combination.

However, there's nothing stopping players from also using strong incompatible combinations like Roland / Hannibal.

EVERYTHING ELSE on the Assistant General DOES NOT HELP

  1. Levels 26-40 - you can stop at level 25 (where the Specialties open up)

  2. Equipment (Gear)

  3. Basic Attributes (Leadership, Attack, Defense, & Politics)

    1. Enhancements (Stars 1-5)

    2. Cultivation

  4. Ascending Enhancements (Stars 6-10 and the Associated Skills)

  5. Dragon or Spiritual Beast

  6. "Brings a Dragon" Skills (on Assistant Generals)

    1. If the Assistant General has any "Brings a Dragon" type Skills, and there is no Dragon attached to the Assistant General, then those skills are not activated, and thus do not add any power.

    2. The Assistant General needs have a Dragon attached to get the "Brings a Dragon" type Skill bonuses. However, the Assistant's Dragon will still be "grayed out" and any Skills or Powers associated with that Dragon, will not contribute to the pairs total power.



Attribute Ranking Methodology

Currently the D, E & F Series Rankings for Assistants and Combinations, employs the Evony Answers (EvAns) Attribute Ranking System.

The EvAns Attribute Ranking System will tend to favor Offense (Attack & March Size) over Toughness (HP & Defense). It also tends to favor Army Generals with good Enemy Debuffs.

Essentially, there's a multiplier for each Attribute. All the multipliers are applied the same way to all Army General Attributes in each specific category.

Category Scores

The Attributes Scores are broken up into six (6) categories, so that it's possible to calculate different levels of Lead and Assistant Army General development (i.e. 4-Yellow, 3-Orange, 3-Purple, etc.).

  • Basic Attributes Score (BAS) - Leadership, Attack, Defense, & Politics.

  • Base Skill Score (BSS) - Also known as the "Built-In" Skill Score.

  • Four (4) Skill Books (4SB) - The Lead General's score for the best four (4) possible Skill Books: March Size Increase and Primary Attack, HP & Defense Increase.

  • Three (3) Specialties Score (3SS) - As appropriate for that Specific Ranking, i.e. 4-Yellow, 3-Orange, 3-Purple, etc.

  • Fourth (4th) Specialties Score (4SS) - As appropriate for that Specific Ranking, i.e. 4-Yellow.

  • Ascending Enhancement Score (AES) - Only added for the Ascending Enhancement Rankings.

Please check out the article below for a more detailed explanation:



Not included yet:

  • Heraclius (Embassy Duty Officer), and Sappho (In-City Defense (Main Wall)) introduced for the 2023 Independence Day Event starting on 06-23-2023.

  • Narses (Sub-City Battle General (Mayor)) introduced for the 2023 Amazing Arena Event starting on 07-21-2023.

  • Justinian I (Military Academy Duty Officer) introduced for the 2023 Carnival Week Event starting on 08-18-2023.

  • Trivia Hecate (Holy Palace Duty Officer) introduced for the 2023 Autumn Ceremony Event starting on 09-15-2023.

  • Zizka (Sub-City Battle General (Mayor)) introduced for the 2023 Wine Festival Event starting on 09-29-2023.

  • Maria Theresa (Mounted PvM), and Stephen the Great (Research Factory Duty Officer), introduced for the 2023 Halloween Event starting on 10-27-2023.

  • Michael VIII (Market Duty Officer) introduced for the 2023 St. Martin's Day Celebration Event starting on 11-10-2023.

  • Clovis I (Bunker Duty Officer) introduced for the 2023 Christmas Event starting on 12-15-2023.

  • Pachacuti (Sub-City Battle General (Mayor)) introduced for the 2024 Viking Festival Event starting on 01-12-2024.

  • Guinevere (Warehouse Duty Officer) introduced for the 2024 Romantic Spring Festival Event starting on 02-08-2024.

  • Beowulf (Mounted PvM), and Ono no Imoko (Forge Duty Officer), introduced for the 2024 St. Patricks Day Event starting on 03-08-2024.



Series D, E & F

The list of eleven (11) Army General Categories below is roughly in order of importance, based on a defensively focused keep.

Most people would probably tell you to move Ranged Generals to the top (for better Offense) and move In-City Defense (Main Wall) Generals & Subordinate City PvP Generals (Mayors) down a notch. Or possibly, to switch Ranged Generals and In-City Defense (Main Wall) Generals.

When it comes to the four (4) Primary Attacking Marches (Parts 3, 4, 6 & 10), players will probably want to put them in order of importance and assign the best combinations first, then work down the list. The order below may work for many players, but there will be others that prefer to have those four (4) marches in a different order. Everyone's Keep is slightly different.

In-City Defense (Main Wall) PvP Generals

Subordinate City PvP Generals (Mayors)

  • Assistant Subordinate City PvP General (Mayor) positions are not currently available in the game.

Ranged PvP Generals

Mounted PvP Generals

Mounted PvM [Pushing] Generals

Ground PvP Generals

Mounted PvM [Treasure] Generals

Resource Gathering Generals

Duty Officer Generals

  • Assistant Duty Officer General positions are not currently avaialble in the game.

Siege PvP Generals

Peace-Time PvP Generals

  • Probably not worth the effort.



Good Information Resources

In addition to these lists, please look at other lists and do your own research, so you can make up your own mind. After all, this is only one person’s opinion.

Other Good Evony Information Resources:


If you have any comments, requests, or questions, please let me know in the comments section below.

Also, directing my attention to any mistakes is especially appreciated.

Thanks for Reading,

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I have a question about choosing assistant generals. I understand noting which generals are easy or difficult to obtain and the importance that their fragments have in ascending. But assistants don't need to ascend, so isn't difficulty and fragments irrelevant once I have a not-easy general? Wouldn't I want to use them as assistants, paired with an easy general. In my case, Elektra (main) and Princess Kaguya (asst). I'm only interested in Kaguya's Special Skill, Specialties and Skill Books, correct? I don't need her fragments. Or am I missing something?

Replying to

You have it correct, it's not very important for assistant generals.

At some point in the future, I expect the game will be changed so that ascending on the assistant will add power to the pair, but I wouldn't expect that to happen this year or next year (maybe 2025... maybe never).


Nigiri Sushi
Nigiri Sushi
Dec 30, 2022

Hi, Thanks a lot, your website really helps. May I ask where you got the info of following, "EVERYTHING ELSE on the Assistant General DOES NOT HELP:

  1. Levels 26-40 - you can stop at level 25 (where the Specialties open up)

  2. Equipment (Gear)

  3. Basic Attributes (Leadership, Attack, Defense, & Politics)

  4. Enhancements (Stars 1-5)

  5. Cultivation

  6. Ascending Enhancements (Stars 6-10 and associated Skills)

  7. Dragon or Spiritual Beast"

because I saw many big players (and good players, too) made their assistant generals to level 35~40, and are using gears to assistant generals, too. I tried to find those info somewhere else but didn't see. Look forward to your answer. Thanks again!!

Nigiri Sushi
Nigiri Sushi
Jan 01, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for the thorough answer. I haven't played this game long enough but your info helps a lot and saves me so much time. Thank you!!


erkam toprak
erkam toprak
Aug 26, 2022

lmao have you ever turned back and check your lists man ? tell me how martinus is not in the top 10 for pve and pvp mounted army general pls i really wonder what was your thought about this while creating this list

Replying to

Maybe you're looking at the wrong list?

Martinus is 3rd on the PvM Lead Mounted Generals list at 4-Yellow Specialty Level. He is 9th on the on the PvP Lead Mounted Generals list at 4-Yellow Specialty Level.

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