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Part 8/12 - Resource Gathering General Rankings

Updated: Nov 29, 2022



Army Generals Analysis - PART 8, reviewing Resource Gathering Generals.

Everyone should reserve at least twelve (12) spots in their final general line-up for Resource Gathering Generals. Most of the resource gathering generals are available in the Tavern (only Princess Lucy is not available there).

Also, I believe there is a Purple “Starter General” for each culture received early on (before K10), that may also have Resource Gathering Bonuses. The Chinese version is Han Xin, who has a +15% Bonus to Resources when Gathering. If he was available to everyone, and I could find out what his specialties are, he would probably rank 3rd on this list.



Specialty Level for Featured Rankings

Instead of the typical 4-Yellow Specialty Score used for the primary six (6) army generals, the generals in this category have been ranked by the 3-Orange Specialty Score because very few people will play the game long enough or spend enough money to get this category of army generals to 4-Yellow specialties. See the Developing Army General Specialties in this article for more information.

The primary six (6) army generals are:

  1. Ranged General Rankings [Primary PvP]

  2. In-City Defense (Main Wall) General Rankings [PvP]

  3. Mounted Generals - Monster Killing for Pushing [PvM]

  4. Ground Generals [PvP]

  5. Siege Generals [PvP]

  6. Mounted General Rankings [PvP]

The 3-Purple Specialty Rankings are in the 2nd section, below the 3-Orange Specialty Section.

If you have the resources available, the Ascending Enhancement Rankings and 4-Yellow Specialties Ranking have been included above the 3-Orange Specialty Section.



Resource Gathering Rankings (at maximum Ascending Enhancements and 4-Yellow Specialties Level)

  1. Queen Jindeok - Grade: A+ (100.0% - 693)

  2. Amir Timur - Grade: C- (66.4% - 460)



Resource Gathering Rankings (at 4-Yellow Specialties Level)

  1. Queen Jindeok – Grade: A+ (100% - 609)

  2. Constance I – Grade: C- (64.7% - 394)

  3. Shimazu Yoshihiro – Grade: D+ (60.8% - 370)

  4. Amir Timur - Grade: D+ (55.5% - 338)

  5. Gaius Marius – Grade: D+ (54.0% - 329)

  6. Princess Lucy - Grade: D (52.1% - 317)

  7. Attila - Grade: D (43.3% - 264)