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Part 5/12 - Mounted Generals: Monster Killing for Pushing Rankings [PvM Pushing]

Updated: 2 days ago




For PvM Pushing (the strongest bosses you can kill), Caesar, Athaelflaed, Theodora and Baibers, all PvM specialists, have been ranked along with the Mounted PvP Generals.

Unlike Mounted PvP, generals that focus on Mounted Attack Increase, will do better in this ranking, since secondary damage does not help in PvM. Also, Toughness Buffs only help to reduce wounded, but do NOT prevent wounded (bring wounded to zero).


  • There are DIFFERENT Mounted Generals for PvP that are covered in Part 4.

  • There are also DIFFERENT Mounted Generals for PvM TREASURE HUNTING that are covered in Part 7.

For Mounted PvM Pushing Generals, the most important goal is getting to zero wounded on B12+ boss monsters as quickly as possible. So, the old saying, “the best defense is a good offense”, will be very relevant for this Army General category. Thusly, Mounted Attack Increase and Monster Mounted Attack Increase have been very heavily weighted in the calculations below.

Note: The top 3-5 largest Keeps in the Alliance may want to make the Mounted Monster Killing (for Pushing) General [PvM - Pushing] a higher priority, since they will likely be leading boss rallies most of the time.



Specialty Level for Rankings:

This Army General Category has been ranked by the 4-Yellow Specialty Score that is used for the primary six (6) army generals. See the Developing Army General Specialties in this article for more information.

The primary six (6) army generals are:

  1. Ranged General Rankings [Primary PvP]

  2. In-City Defense (Main Wall) General Rankings [PvP]

  3. Mounted Generals - Monster Killing for Pushing [PvM]

  4. Ground Generals [PvP]

  5. Siege Generals [PvP]

  6. Mounted General Rankings [PvP]

If the 4-Yellow Specialties Ranking is not realistic for this Army General Category, then see the 3-Orange Specialty Rankings and/or the 3-Purple Specialty Rankings that have been included below the primary list.



Mounted Generals (for PvM Pushing) Rankings (at maximum Ascending Enhancements and 4-Yellow Specialties Level)

  1. Zhao Yun - Grade: A+ (100.0% - 542)

  2. George A. Custer - Grade: A+ (98.2% - 532)

  3. Martinus [D] - Grade: A+ (98.2% - 532)

  4. Aethelflaed - Grade: