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Part 4E - Mounted Attacking PvP Army General Combinations, Attribute Methodology

Updated: Mar 20


  • Introduction

  • Mounted "Base / Built-In" Skill Conflict Groups 

  • Attribute Methodology 

    • Mounted Attacking Assistant PvP Rankings, Attribute Methodology (List Format)

      • Attacking Assistant Rankings @ 4-Yellow Specialties

      • Attacking Assistant Rankings @ 3-Orange Specialties

      • Attacking Assistant Rankings @ 3-Purple Specialties

    • Mounted Reinforcing Assistant PvP Rankings, Attribute Methodology (List Format)

      • Reinforcing Assistant Rankings @ 4-Yellow Specialties

      • Reinforcing Assistant Rankings @ 3-Orange Specialties 

      • Reinforcing Assistant Rankings @ 3-Purple Specialties 

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  • Introduction

  • Formatting & Scoring Methodology

  • Skill Book Restrictions

  • Mounted Reinforcing PvP Rankings

    • Mounted Reinforcing Lead PvP General Rankings

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